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Licensed Plumbers

Becoming a licensed plumber in the State of Florida is a complicated process. It is more difficult here than in many other states. After 4 years of training, the tradesman is allowed to apply for the Journeyman Plumber license. After a thorough background check, credit report, and affidavits proving the 4 years of work experience in the field and in the classroom, the application and the fees can be sent in for processing at the county level to see if the applicant will be permitted to take the county Journeyman Plumber test. If the application is approved, the test can be scheduled. A set of books must be purchased for the test. Once they pass the test, they are now considered a Journeyman Plumber. This license allows them to operate as a plumber, but they must be working under the supervision of either a County Master Plumber, or a State-Certified Master Plumber. At this point, they are not allowed to operate their own company. At the county level, three more years of experience must be obtained before becoming eligible to apply for the County Master Plumber License. A similar process must now be completed, again, and this license allows the tradesman to operate his own company, but only in the county applied for. The State Master Plumber license application requirements vary slightly, and it is more expensive, and more difficult, but it allows the contractor to work in the whole state of Florida. Finally, after fingerprinting, background checks, personal credit reports, business credit reports, notarized bank letters, liability insurance purchased, and asset requirements have been met and approved, a company can be opened. Then a State Business Qualifying License, CountyBusiness License, and City Business Licenses in all the cities you work in, must be applied and paid for before you can operate legally. The Construction Industry Licensing Board regulates the Master Plumber Licenses. The State Licensed contractors become "Certified" and the County Masters become "Registered". All of this regulating protects the consumer in many ways, including financially. For more detailed information visit the "CILB" in the State of Florida. Before you hire a plumbing company, or any company, be sure the company is licensed, and either registered or certified with the State, or you are not protected in any way. Visit our "Contractor Licensing" page to learn how to check your contractor's license at the Department of Business & Professional Regulation before you hire them. Brian and his brother Mike operate licensed and insured companies. Brian operates under a State-Certified Master Plumber License, Mike operates under a State-Certified Building Contractor License. No job is too big or too small...with just one call, all of your home improvement needs can be met with qualified, experienced, licensed & insured tradesman.

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